Here’s some Q & A’s from the marine surveying experts at RTM Gold Coast

When it comes to marine surveying, there’s usually a lot of questions. Having been in the industry for decades, we’ve certainly heard our fair share. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the most commonly asked questions about marine consultancy and boat surveying.

If you have a question that isn’t answered below, feel free to call our office at The Boat Works on the Gold Coast. We operate Monday to Friday 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

YES! With RTM's 35 years within the industry coupled with our very diverse background and accreditations, there is nothing within the marine industry that we can’t directly or indirectly assist you with.

History has shown that RTM will travel locally, interstate and internationally for varied project scopes large or small inc. vessel inspections.

YES! we at RTM take pride on working with a varied range of vessels and owners. We approach every project with the same enthusiasm whether it’s a 10ft tender or 200ft superyacht.

Please call us for a consultation as we will be able to assist you with searching for the right vessel for your needs, recreational or commercial.

There is no real technical answer for this, however probably the best reply is "size of the boat v's the size of the waves" meaning its relative to the vessels particulars and the sea state as we often see large cruise ships being tossed around the ocean. Our best advice would be to learn how to read the weather and tides and just as important know your vessels limitations with stability. RTM offers consulting with seamanship, vessel handling, weather and tides etc.

YES! RTM can assist you from the outset of your purchase, throughout the purchase and as importantly after your purchase with a whole range of support for you as listed within our website.

Yes RTM does conduct valuations for a range of purposes. Some examples (but not limited to) are: Australian Customs, Insurance, Tax, Legal and personal reasons.

That depends on a varied range of requirements inc. type of survey, size and configuration of vessel, location of vessel etc. We prefer to discuss our client’s requirements and forward via email a formal scope and costing.

Typically it is the purchaser’s responsibility, however RTM as part of our service is happy to organise this for you and simply add it to our final invoice.

Yes, we have a qualified mechanic in house who is also accredited with AMSA as an engineer, typically our inspections of the machinery is one of a visual and audible nature. We recommend an independent mechanical inspection is conducted if you require a more in-depth analysis of the engines by a qualified person who has sound knowledge of the make and model of the machinery aboard coupled with the correct tooling and software to plug into the management system. RTM can also organise this for you as part of our service.

Once RTM has been engaged to provide an inspection you will be invoiced which will require payment prior to the report being released.

Typically not, however RTM can be engaged to consult and offer you an estimate with the view of assisting you with the works once the vessel has been purchased.

Typically the surveyor does not get involved in this process and usually this is between the purchaser and broker or seller. However, RTM can offer consultancy to you by indicating an estimate to repair any defects that may be identified at the time of inspection to which may assist you in the negotiation process.

Yes you can, however, you must understand that when conducting the Pre-Purchase inspection, we appraise the vessel with your best interest in mind for purchase and identifying all defect items possible that are visible on that day. There "may" be items within the report that the insurance company will require you to rectify. In saying that RTM will not be in a position to amend the original report to suffice the insurance company, however RTM will be able to assist you with the required works and then offer you an amended document supporting the rectification works conducted for insurance purposes.

Unfortunately we can only advise on what we identify at the time of the inspection, we may be able to offer some indication however reality is we can’t foresee the future.

RTM can only appraise the vessels condition reflecting the time we are aboard. For example: if a fridge is operational at the time of our inspection, however, fails sometime after, RTM cannot be held accountable as it was operational at the time of the inspection and can’t be held accountable for manufactures and or repairer’s warranties. Our attention to detail on all inspections is second to none, however, things do fail as history has shown.

This really depends on the size of the vessel, however they typically start around $2k + gst for the more basic publication and then increase as your requests are greater. This also includes a hand over of the document aboard and shore support into the future answering any queries you may have reflecting the vessel and or as simple as discussing the weather and tides for the upcoming weekend jaunt.

Our interior management team can offer a turn key environment where you simply walk off and walk on! for example, washing of the bedding and towels to detailing to provisioning and everything in between. RTM can also conduct refit and or betterment works to your vessels interior with only your imagination limiting the work scope.

YES! RTM can supply fitted sheet, pillow cases, bed coverlets, cushions etc. We can also supply custom mattresses.

Yes, we can offer you illuminated and non-illuminated signage for your vessel.